Welcome to our journey to fulltime RV life and destinations around the United States in the not-too-distant future! You’ll discover helpful tips and resources for RV living on our site and have a good laugh or two at our expense. Whether you’re a new or seasoned RVer, or you’re simply interested in the crazy stories about our hits and misses as we drive towards freedom, fun and travel, you’re in the right place.

Our first introduction to the RV lifestyle was a Class C motorhome that we drove to Georgia for a family visit at Christmas time. We loved our RV vacation until the last day when we drove under a tree branch and damaged a vent cover on our RV rental!

When we decided to leave the sticks-n-bricks lifestyle for fulltime RV life, we knew we wanted something smaller, stealthier, and easier to drive and park. Camping at national parks is also very important to us, so the rig we purchase must be under 30 feet. We’re searching for a small Class C or a Class B+ motorhome.

We spend a good amount of our time watching popular YouTubers in the RV community, from solo boondockers who live primarily on BLM land, to couples who visit high-end RV resorts. Our interest in these YouTube channels lead to valuable online relationships, and ultimately to our inclusion in online RV seminars that have been extremely informative.

Our research also takes us to RV shows and RV dealerships to obtain the latest industry information and to window shop for our future motorhome.

More importantly, we invest a great deal of time compiling data that’s essential for decision making during a transition from sticks-n-bricks living to RV living. For example, information that allows you to easily navigate the many laws and regulations when determining an appropriate domicile. 

Watch our videos, read our blog, and follow us on social media for updates, photos and tips. Safe travels!

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