RV Checklists for Arriving at Camp and Leaving Camp

When Curt and I rented a small Class C motorhome for our 2016 Christmas vacation, he scraped the roof of the RV on a tree branch and damaged one of the vent covers when we were leaving camp. That was a valuable lesson and the reason I decided to create RV checklists.

Some of the costliest mistakes made by RVers are done when they forget to do something before leaving camp, like retracting the slide-outs or turning off the levelers. Likewise, it’s hard to remember all the things you need to do when you park somewhere overnight.

I created these RV checklists to help us avoid some of the bigger mistakes and potential damage to our future RV, and as always, we’re sharing the information with our followers.

Click Here to Download our Arriving at Camp Checklist by Drive to RV.

Click Here to Download our Leaving Camp Checklist by Drive to RV.

I hope these checklists make your RV camp arrivals and departures a little bit easier!

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