Keeping Cool in an RV

Let’s beat the heat!

Anyone who enjoys the RV lifestyle knows that keeping cool in an RV through the intense heat of summer can be challenging.

We currently live in Orlando, Florida and it will continue to be our home base until Curt retires in a few years. Since my body can’t tolerate the heat and Curt dislikes it immensely, keeping cool in our future motorhome will be a major priority for us.

Of course, the best way to stay cool in your RV during extreme heat waves is to drive your home on wheels to a cooler location. One of the awesome perks of owning an RV is having the ability to change locations. Moving isn’t always possible though, so we researched beat-the-heat tips for just those occasions.

Check out the BTU on this AC!

Your AC is an obvious solution, but it’s also one of the most energy-consuming appliances in your RV. Additionally, depending upon just how hot it actually gets, your air conditioner’s performance might not meet your expectations.

Here’s a quick rundown on the tips, tricks and gadgets that we found during our research for keeping cool in an RV on hot days and avoid overworking your AC.  You can find more information on most of these products in our Amazon store.

Cook outside when it’s hot to keep heat out of your RV.
  • Park your RV beside a shady tree to reduce the impact of sun. If your campsite doesn’t have any shade, park with your windshield facing north. Your awning will block the morning sun and then your RV will cast a large shadow on your outdoor living space during the hottest part of the day.
  • Place Reflectix bubble insulation, or even better a durable no-tear radiant barrier, on the outside of your windows with removable tape. Most RVers place insulation on the inside of their windows, but that could damage dual pane windows.
  • Keep your shades closed during the day.
  • Cook outside using a BBQ grill or solar oven to keep heat out of the RV.
  • Circulate air in your RV by using fans and opening windows. Fantastic Fans are the go-to for RVers, but fans like the MaxxFan Deluxe have settings that kick on and off depending on temperatures. The goal is to pump warm air out and bring fresh air in. You can do this by opening windows on the shady side and closing them on the sunny side.
  • When you’re camping in dry climates, use an evaporative cooler. A good evaporative cooler can cool down your rig by 10-20 degrees.
  • Make sure your external refrigerator vent is clean and free of debris, so it runs more efficiently and produces less heat.
  • Cover the shower skylight and any other skylights in your RV with a skylight cover to reduce the amount of heat that enters your RV.
  • Switch to LED Lights. OEM and halogen lamps produce a lot of heat in comparison to LED bulbs. Switching to LED can have a huge impact.

If you have any advice on how to manage the intense summer heat as an RVer, please let us know in the comments below! I’m sure we’ve probably missed something.

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