Hello! We’re Traci and Curtis Thompson.

We’re soon-to-be RVers who’ve dreamed about an RV life for many years. In fact, we started the process of downsizing in 2017 by moving from a 1,200 square foot two-bedroom apartment with a garage to a 560 square foot one-bedroom apartment without a garage. We sold and donated most of our stuff, and it felt liberating!

After learning about RV living through blogs, websites, YouTube videos and more, we realized that others could benefit from the knowledge we’ve gained, as well as our future full-time RV life experiences. So, we started our own YouTube channel Trippin’ Traci and Drive to RV blog. Why not benefit from our legwork and enjoy watching our trips to fun and unique places?

These days, RVing is for young and old, couples and singles, and rich and poor. We plan on showing everyone that RVing is also possible for people who suffer from physical and mental health problems. Not only that, we aim to demonstrate that RVing can actually improve your health!

We hope our efforts will make your own journey a little easier! Here are a few ways to stay connected with us:

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Thanks so much for visiting our sites! We hope to connect with you down the road!

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