Full-Time RV Budget & Expenses – Free Worksheet

We’ve been watching Full-Time Freedom Week videos and couldn’t be happier with the amazing content! 

After watching Sean and Julie with Chickery’s Travels, Dan and Lindsay with Follow Your Detour, and other speakers discuss the financial aspects of full-time RVing, we were able to finalize our Full-Time RV Budget & Expenses worksheet and we’re sharing it with you.



So, how much does it cost to RV full-time? 

We’ve watched hundreds of videos by different RVers on this subject, from nomads who boondock/dry camp, to glampers who stay primarily in RV parks with full hook-ups. It really depends on you, your goals and your lifestyle preferences.

Our FREE Budget Worksheet is based on our research and preferences. It provides the capability for you to revise the monthly budget values and expenses, and then auto-calculates totals and variances.

Click here to download the Full-Time RV Budget & Expenses Worksheet.


RV Purchase

Buy an RV that’s a few years old. If you’re financially able to, buy the RV outright instead of financing it.

RV Maintenance & Repair

Purchase RV warranties and extended warranties for large items, like an air conditioner or complex plumbing issues. 

Learn how to properly maintain your RV and make small repairs independently. Follow our blog for RV maintenance and repair videos, instructions and checklists! For example, read our blog post RV Water System Review – Parts & Maintenance Checklists.

RV Gear

Before you purchase a ton of gear for your RV, speak with other RVers to get a feel for what you truly need. 

RV Insurance, Registration & Taxes

Select a domicile that has low insurance rates, registration fees and taxes. 

We’ll soon add a spreadsheet that contains information to help you with domicile decision making – Keep an eye on our resources page.


To save money on fuel, don’t speed, keep your tires properly inflated, drive shorter distances between moves, and stay longer at each location. 

Also, avoid truck stops for fuel purchases, as they tend to be more expensive.


Save money by boondocking, purchasing memberships with organizations like Thousand TrialsPassport AmericaHarvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome, and camping in National Parks and State Parks. 

You can also work camp at campgrounds that offer free campsites in return for work, and stay longer at campgrounds that offer discounts for weekly and monthly stays.


Purchase passes to National Parks and State Parks, like the America the Beautiful Pass for National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands. 

Sometimes you can find museum passes for various destinations and awesome discounts on Groupon when you visit a new area.


Limit eating out – When you’ll be away from your RV for the day, eat a large breakfast, take snacks with you, and try to get back to your RV for dinner.

One of the easiest ways to save money on food is by using coupons. Find a Sunday paper in any city to clip coupons, use websites like coupons.com that let you print coupons, or take advantage of online coupons for chain grocery stores that you can use at the register without ever having to cut coupons.

Stick to Your Budget

It’s very easy to feel like you’re on a never-ending vacation, so it’s best to stay on top of your spending. You can use a worksheet like the one we created, and/or utilize various apps, like the free EveryDollar budget app.

How about you? Do have any recommendations for saving money on the road?

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